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Leederville Flowers

Looking for a stylish gift at the last minute in Leederville? Check out Sarah’s Flowers.

Situated 3km north-west of Perth’s city centre, Leederville is the ultimate in inner city suburban living. It's only a small suburb but with four major colleges being located here, we are arguably one of the best educated communities in Australia. At Sarah’s Flowers we spend our days expertly arranging breathtaking blooms of every species and colour, delivering them to homes and businesses to the delight of both the recipient and the gift giver. Our flowers truly are spectacular and we work hard to make certain each and every arrangement that leaves our hands is nothing short of perfection. We appreciate you don’t want to spend your money on a bouquet that’s merely so-so or mediocre. You want pizzazz, panache, flair, and magnetism. When you bestow a gift you want it to be appreciated and memorable, to show you as tasteful and generous, and to last longer than it takes for us to drive away after delivering it. Our flowers do all of this. We use flowers so fresh and packed with health and vitality that they stay looking incredible for days.

Our flowers make the perfect way to say “sorry” without having to get into any cringe-inducingly awkward discussions. We know all about the best man who did the whole shaving the groom’s eyebrow the night before the wedding joke, only to face the bride’s wrath when she saw him in front of the altar the following day; the woman who borrowed her sister’s beloved diamond studs lose one down a drain; the man who accidentally washed his wife’s annoyingly yappy Pekinese with hair dye (actually, we’re not convinced that was an accident); and the guy who cried off dinner with his girlfriend and her parents with a dodgy belly, only to get caught out on Facebook down the pub watching the footy. Flowers are great for conveying a message whether you’re delivering it in person or using Sarah’s Flowers as a go-between. They’re not just for saying sorry, either. Flowers are the ideal gift when you want to send congratulations, wish your Mum a happy Mother’s Day, show your missus how much you love her on Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, wish someone in hospital a speedy recovery, or show a loved one you’re thinking of them during a difficult time. In fact, our prices offer such great value for money that you don’t need to wait for a special occasion to treat yourself or someone you love.

Organising same day flower delivery to Leederville is as easy as 1, 2, 3 because you can order via our website, mobile site, or by calling us on the number above by 2pm, or 10am on Saturday. We’ll make certain your choice of bouquet will be expertly arranged using our top quality flowers, and delivered to any business in Leederville by 5pm, or home address by 6pm. With Sarah’s Flowers bookmarked in your favourites or stored in your contacts list you always have a sublime present at your fingertips. Why not let us show you how awesome our beautiful flowers today.

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